Auggie Matthews
Auggie Matthews
Full Name

August Matthews



Date of Birth

March 20, 2009

Resides in

New York City, New York

Eye Color


Hair Color



Cory Matthews (father)
Topanga Matthews (mother)
Riley Matthews (older sister)
Eric Matthews (paternal uncle)
Joshua Matthews (paternal uncle)
Morgan Matthews (paternal aunt)
Alan Matthews (paternal grandfather)
Amy Matthews (paternal grandmother)
Jedidiah Lawrence(maternal grandfather)
Rhiannon Lawrence (maternal grandmother)
Shawn Hunter (Uncle)


Ava Morgenstern (girlfriend)



Portrayed By

August Maturo

August "Auggie" Matthews is a main character in Girl Meets World.

Auggie is portrayed by August Maturo.


Auggie is Cory and Topanga's only son, and is the younger brother of Riley. He is the youngest in the Matthews Family.


At the very young age of five, Auggie displays a lot of innocence. He is shown to be a young and adoring son to Cory and Topanga and a good brother to Riley.

  • His best friend is his stuffed Mr. Googly.
  • In Girl Meets Father, he was promoted from Cory's "spy" to his "super-spy".
  • He was originally the Matthews' third child, but when the writers decided that there should only be two children, he became Cory and Topanga's 2nd and youngest child.
  • He enjoys coloring and drawing with his parents.
  • His first name was originally Louis.
  • It's possible he's the male version of Morgan Matthews.
  • He has a habit of showing how old he is with his fingers, which he possibly picked up from Ava.
  • In Girl Meets Sneak Attack, he tries to be like his father.
  • His favorite pastry is a Ukrainian bulochki.
  • His first name is the same as his actor's name (August).
  • He, Farkle, and Riley are the only offspring of original BMW characters (thus far).
  • He can speak French and sing.
  • In Girl Meets Smackle, it was revealed that he believes that when you meet someone you should be with them forever. This is due to Cory and Topanga's relationship.
  • He tends to wear suspenders, but never uses them, instead leaving them to dangle behind him.
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