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Cory and Topanga is the romantic pairing of Cory Matthews and Topanga Matthews, originally the major love story from Boy Meets World, it has now evolved to include their role as devoted parents in Girl Meets World.

Other namesEdit

  • Corpanga (Cor/y and To/panga)
  • Tory (To/panga and Co/ry) (T/opanga and C/ory)
  • Copanga (Co/ry and To/panga)


Prior to Boy Meets WorldEdit

In November of 1980, Jedidiah and Rhiannon Lawrence brought their newborn daughter, Topanga, into their suburban Philadelphia home. A few months later, in early 1981, around the corner on Cumberland Street, Alan and Amy Matthews welcomed their second child, Cornelius—known as Cory—into the world. Within a year, the mothers made it a habit of wheeling their toddlers around together. Cory would later claim his first playdate with Topanga was in the local park sandbox when he was eight months old. By the age of two, the babies recognized each other as the best of friends.

But one fateful day, when they were both four, Cory and Topanga started to see their relationship in a different light. While in that same sandbox in the park, Topanga caught the attention of another boy named Joey Hutchinson. Inexplicably, Cory found himself telling Joey that they could fly, and after pointing to the monkey bars, challenged his newfound rival to climb to the top. When the pair reached the highest spot they could, they discovered that they were stuck. Alerted by the sounds of Cory crying, Topanga simply suggested to jump off. Fearlessly, Cory took her advice and did just that, somewhat injuring himself in the process. Immediately, she rushed to his side, and despite his pain, Cory told Topanga she had "beautiful lips" and pecked her cheek. As the then by now completely forgotten Joey plummeted to the ground, unnoticed, Cory added that Topanga also had a "very cute tush." From then on, Cory would playfully consider Topanga "The Wife." While on a field trip to the city zoo during kindergarten, the couple first met a new kid their age, Shawn Hunter. After falling into the llama habitat while trying to impress Topanga, Cory was retrieved by the newcomer, forging a lifetime friendship between Cory and Shawn. On the day first grade began, Mr. Feeny made the mistake of attempting to separate Cory and Topanga, and the pair reacted rather violently, mildly assaulting their new teacher, while Shawn opined that the couple should be left alone and just be allowed to get married. The three of them spent many afternoons in the basement of the Lawrence household, eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches while watching classic Hanna Barbera and Warner Bros. cartoons on TV. Shawn initially convinced Cory to establish the tree house in the Matthews' backyard as a girl-free zone, but Topanga's rather litigious response soon ended that idea. Occasionally, the pair of would-be knights engaged in duels to the death with their toy swords to win the favor of Queen Topanga. By that summer, a new sister, Morgan Matthews, had arrived, and unconsciously, Cory begun experiencing the feelings of being ignored and neglected by his family, especially by his elder sibling, Eric. One night, when Cory and Topanga were out back catching fireflies, Eric emerged from the house chanting "Cory loves Topanga!" Eager for the opportunity to impress his brother, Cory (not realizing until years later just how much he was lying) replied "Yuck! I hate her!" When informed by Eric that having a girl as a best friend "wasn't cool," Cory, desperate to appease and emotionally reconnect with his brother by any means possible, deliberately, and without explanation, distanced himself from Topanga, teasing her unmercifully, and even going as far as actually throwing dirt at her. While his friendship with Shawn became closer, by the start of second grade, Cory and Topanga had become virtual strangers. Their encounters at school, in the neighborhood, and even at Little League games were decidedly cold, completely lacking their previous warmth. Although she would give up Little League after beaning Ricky Ferris, Topanga would still occasionally play softball when asked by her parents. At school, she was branded into the same (anti)social peer group as Stuart Minkus, and although he was clearly infatuated with her, Topanga never had any interest in him, although she was practically the only one who ever called him by his first name.

After five years filled with misadventures with his best buddy Shawn (whose family had by now moved from the trailer park into a house a mere two blocks away from the Matthews) and a busy home life with his own close-knit family, for Cory, any fond memories concerning his onetime "Playground Mate For Life," had completely faded from his consciousness. Conversely, with her rather remarkable mind, Topanga was capable of completely recalling everything, but her fierce independent nature prevented her from ever directly demanding her former friend to explain himself. Ergo, the unsolved mystery of precisely why Cory Matthews totally severed their friendship, did have the tendency to periodically gnaw at Topanga's sensitive soul. Yet, at such moments, it was a simple matter for the forlorn girl to seek out refuge at the Unicorn Rainbow Bookstore (where her father worked) and lose herself among the varied collection of literary works—representing a veritable mystical myriad of fascinating philosophies, arcane knowledge, and unconventional concepts—which lined the shelves. Therefore, Topanga, left with the opportunity and absolute freedom to constantly absorb all manner of diverse ideologies, found herself fully embracing the more eccentric aspects of her parents' hippie lifestyle.

Despite years of seeing each other in class daily, Cory and Topanga possessed only the most peripheral of presences in each other lives. Cory (with Shawn) would taunt her for her perceived strangeness and the wild tresses atop her head, to which Topanga would never deign to make any kind of reply. Thus, if the pair were asked to describe their other classmate in only two words, Cory would have instantly blurted out "Big-haired Weirdo!" whereas Topanga would have thoughtfully arrived at "Hyperactive Underachiever." Cory would later ruefully dub the unfortunate period of his (non)relationship with Topanga during their time attending Jefferson Elementary School as "The Lost Years." However, unbeknownst to either of them, due to an impending intervention by their longtime teacher, Mr. Feeny, (whether by mere coincidence or grand design) Cory and Topanga's long stagnant relationship was on the verge of being revived.

Boy Meets WorldEdit

Season 1Edit

At the dawning of their final year attending Jefferson Elementary School for sixth grade, nothing had changed between them. But after a particularly insipid presentation on the environmental issue of their choice, by the perennial project partners of Cory and Shawn, a fed-up Mr. Feeny decided to give them a second chance: Shawn was paired with his nemesis, Minkus, but Cory was matched up with Topanga. Although she knew she really had no choice in the matter, Topanga made a show of asking to examine his hand, and after doing so, deemed that Cory's energy was "vibrationally acceptable," to her own. At lunch, after they finalized the details for working on their project at his house, she tried to get him to help protest the forced retirement of the school librarian, Mrs. Rosemead, but a preoccupied Cory merely brushed her off. By now well-used to such treatment from him, Topanga resumed her place at the "Weirdo" table. Entering the eerily familiar, yet comforting warmth of the Matthews' kitchen with Cory for the first time in years, Topanga allowed herself to become so distracted that she failed to prevent little Morgan from slipping a doll into the toaster oven. Since Cory did not react to the obvious resultant smell, she opted to follow his lead. As she had already done her research on the hole in the ozone layer, it was easy to convince Cory to stay with that topic. Handing him a piece of paper, she asked him to recite the poem written on it. While he reluctantly complied, she tried to entrance Cory with her heartfelt Donut Rendition of an interpretive dance entitled "Doughnut In The Sky," which culminated in Topanga inscribing a mandala over her face with lipstick. The unexpected performance definitely left an impression on Cory, as he wanted no part of it, knowing that the entire class would laugh at them. She simply asked why did he care about what others thought of him. He wanted to know if she actually tried to be act weird. Topanga replied that she didn't consider herself "weird," but rather "unique." Cory confessed that he wouldn't be able to stand out in such a way, he only wanted to blend in like everyone else. Topanga informed him that he had done a good job of dong just that. But, after she snatched up his old Phillies cap, pointed it out as his exception. She realized the red Philadelphia baseball hats were a common sight around the school (Topanga, herself, had one stored along with the rest of her Little League mementos), yet she also remembered younger Cory telling her the lengths he had endured to get the cap. It was that importance which Cory placed upon the hat, she explained, which made it beautiful. That was the first real conversation between Cory and Topanga since the age of six. The abrupt appearance of Shawn with a sack of stuff Cory had been urgently waiting for cut short the moment. As he began rushing her out of the house, Cory did ask her what she thought of his hair. With a rather wistful, beatific expression on her lipstick smeared features, Topanga shared the opinion she had held since she was four—that it was beautiful—by comparing it to "a desert tumbleweed." Cory, who had been dealing with insecurities about his curly hair attempted to straighten it with the help of Shawn. The two boys ended up making his hair problem worse, as Cory's hair had become stiffly petrified around his head. When Cory went to school the next day, his classmates all laughed at his hair while he and Topanga were making their presentation. When Cory asked Topanga why she wasn't laughing she simply told him his hair was different and that she had no reason to laugh. Because of his hair, Cory elected to eat lunch with the anti-social group sharing the "Weirdo" table. When even Minkus was stumped by their failure to circulate the petition Topanga had previously tried to show him, Cory decided to demonstrate to them the error of their ways by adding his own creative input to the cause. Almost late due to his reluctance to display yet another attempt to rectify his disastrous hairdo, Cory arrived in the school hallway, just before the final bell on Friday, to hatch his scheme to get the other kids involved in Mrs. Rosemead's situation. Although earlier she had managed to maintain her composure, not even Topanga could stop herself from giggling along with the rest when they beheld the bizarre mane atop Cory's head. Together, the six handcuffed themselves to each other and formed a human chain across opposite lockers to block the primary path to the school buses. When the other students arrived, seeking to head home for the weekend, Cory stated that they would not move unless the crowd agreed to support Mrs. Rosemead. The determined stance of the little group, plus the fact that a new librarian would see through any feeble excuses the kids could conceive, reluctantly convinced their other classmates, and they all agreed to sign the petition. After his new alternative friends (and Minkus) left, a still Corpanga Kiss Handcuffed together Cory and Topanga remained in the hall, discussing what they had accomplished. Cory noticed Topanga staring at him after she noted that "sometimes the most reluctant warrior is the bravest warrior." Suddenly nervous, Cory jokingly asked, "You're not gonna, like, kiss me now, are you?" Topanga then replied with "It depends. Would it be your first kiss?" She continued by telling Cory it would be funny if for his whole life he would recall his first kiss as happening when he thought he looked weird, because then he would realize that it's not what matters on the outside but rather on the inside. A very shocked Cory, desperately seeking to escape their handcuffs, then pointed out "You shouldn't kiss someone you're not married to." Topanga then admitted, "Yeah, I would have to feel I really knew the guy, and that I liked him." With a mischievous smile indicative of just how much she truly missed their prior childhood closeness, Topanga abruptly pinned Cory against the lockers and kissed him. Cory emerged with a goofy look across his face, and Topanga, not counting their innocent peck as four-year-olds when Cory leapt off the monkey bars, then confessed, "It was my first one too." On Phillie cap Monday at lunch, Cory resumed his normal existence, gently declining sitting with Topanga, Minkus, and the rest. But as he sat at his usual place with Shawn, something made Cory briefly turn around. With a shared secret smile, Topanga, revealed to Cory, that she had retrieved her own Phillies cap to wear at school just for him. That simple, yet touching, moment was significant to both Cory and Topanga, as it was definite evidence proving that, while their relationship had merely thawed from completely frozen solid to a small melting trickle, the floodgates were now most definitely open. (Cory's Alternative Friends) After that first kiss, Cory and Topanga's relationship subtly changed. While Cory and Shawn continued to target their joking jabs at her hair and odd utterances, for her part, Topanga now felt comfortable enough to answer back with cutting comments of her own. Shawn could still be intentionally hurtful, but for Cory the maliciousness had evaporated, and he and Topanga's verbal jousts evolved into playful banter. While not exactly friends, they were becoming more than mere acquaintances, capable of visiting each other’s houses for homework, and even spending a little time together outside of class playing softball, when their fathers’ teams (Market Giant, and the Unicorn Rainbow Bookstore) competed against each other. While Cory’s relationship with Topanga was gradually improving, his friendship with Shawn was slowly deteriorating, as his usually cheerful buddy became secretive and gloomy. Initially Cory suspected that it stemmed from his not joining Shawn on the A-Team of the Jefferson Warriors Basketball squad but that would prove to be untrue. In class, Cory faced interesting challenges, such as participating in a Geography Bee, delineating and defending his dream to be a future All-Star player for the Philadelphia Phillies (Topanga intended to become the first female US President), and actually teaching his fellow students about the tragic life of Anne Frank. Occasionally, Mr. Feeny and Topanga would conspire to spark debate within the class with Cory and Minkus being the favored targets. Around the Christmas season, Cory finally discovered Shawn’s secret–his father, Chet Hunter, had been laid off. from his job. When Cory proved to Shawn that they were pals regardless of anything else happening in their lives, their friendship was restored. A few weeks later, Topanga overheard Shawn and Cory mocking Minkus for the origami camellia he had left on her desk as a sign of his (unrequited) affection. They speculated on the plot of an imaginary movie dubbed Minkus In Love, in which “forty-eight pounds of near-sighted geek meets ten pounds of hair from a parallel universe.” Not appreciating having the subject of her love life so brazenly bruited about (especially by Cory), Topanga reprimanded them by stating that she believed individuals who judge others by their outward appearance were “shallow and ignorant.” Cory responded by referencing the planet of an alien species from a late-night comedy show skit that aired long before they had even been born, which was actually quite apt, as Topanga’s hairstyle, at that particular moment, did give her head a vaguely conical shape. That day the class was visited by a student from John Adams High, to explain the academic changes they would encounter, as most of the class were slated to attend there in the Fall. Topanga was astounded to discover that the extremely good-looking guest speaker was Eric Matthews, Cory's older brother. She had, of course, known, and met Eric before--they had just played in a pair of softball games only a few months ago, but as he had been behind the plate obscured by his catchers’ gear, and she had been in the outfield during his at bats, Topanga had not had an opportunity to accurately judge just how much the six intervening years had changed Eric. She soon concluded that they had treated him very well, indeed... Eric’s glowing aura, while perhaps not as compelling as Cory’s, was basically identical, only far more mature Topanga realized, as Cory, making his usual foolish spectacle of himself, comically slid to the classroom floor. With such an aura, Eric was surely capable of recognizing the unique nuances of her own, and Topanga became determined to discover that truth for herself. Finding her way closer towards Eric, Topanga strategized, lay in utilizing his obviously emotionally stunted sibling, Cory, as a key. After school, Topanga bribed her way through Cory into the Matthews home with a plate of her sister Nebula’s brownies, and played with Morgan until the object of her infatuation arrived home. Before she could even utter a word of greeting towards Eric, Cory rudely pushed her out the kitchen door, citing the house legal limit for hair had been exceeded.. Having seen Eric with a filled garbage bag in his hands, Topanga decided to unobtrusively wait in the tree-shaded corner by the Matthews picnic table to speak to him, while he was accomplishing his chores. But just as Eric strode out, so did Mr. Feeny, and Topanga froze. While she could not quite discern what they were saying it was clear that Mr. Feeny considered Eric an adult, as they talked like equals. When their conversation ended, Eric saw Topanga, and she quickly scampered away. That night, after she finished her homework, Topanga found herself doodling a heart shape in her notebook. Not quite aware of what she was doing, she wrote within “Mrs. Matthews.” Then she drew another on the next page and inscribed “Mrs. Topanga Matthews.” Finally she chose a third page and one last heart bearing “Mrs. Eric Matthews.” It was so ridiculous, she chided herself, only a few weeks before she had openly argued with Mr Feeny on the very validity of marriage, and now perhaps ironically, she felt... Topanga had to admit she didn’t really know what she felt, but sensing Cory Matthews was still the key to discovering the truth, went to find her older sister to ask her to rent a tape for her, intent upon exploiting her perspective pawn’s penchant for monster movies. The next day, Topanga approached an evasive Cory in the cafeteria at lunch, and after dangling the prospect of watching her sister’s recently rented copy of Godzilla Goes To College, finagled another invitation into the Matthews home. Delighted that her plans was coming to fruition so easily, Topanga accidentally left behind her own piece of fruit, an apple, along with her notebook. For Cory, the past twenty-four hours had been disconcerting. After Topanga’s visit to his home, everyone in his family, as well as Shawn, were teasing him that Topanga had a crush (or ‘squish’ as Shawn preferred to say) on him. Only Cory and Topanga knew about their secret kiss, he hadn’t even told Shawn or Eric about it. In truth, Cory could understand why Minkus was fascinated with Topanga, but as far as he was concerned, the outcast genius was more than welcome to her. He wasn’t ready to think about any girls at all, and considering Topanga as more than a classmate, only made Cory feel uncomfortable. He was made more uncomfortable by the arrival of Minkus, himself, as after hearing the rumors Shawn had spread of Topanga’s visit to the Matthews, their lovelorn classmate demanded to know what Cory’s intentions were. A weary Cory just sicced Shawn to handle the irate interloper. After driving Minkus away, Shawn found Topanga's abandoned notebook. By perusing its contents, the pair quickly discovered just which Matthews brother Topanga had become enamored with. Cory rushed home to tell Eric about his admirer, and instructed him to hurt Topanga's feelings severely enough so that she wouldn’t like either Mathews brother anymore. Eric considered the entire matter silly, but promised to let Topanga down as easy as possible and advised Cory to call someone to ”pick up the pieces,” when he heard the doorbell ring. As Eric went downstairs, their father came into the room to talk over the girl situation with Cory. He told his dad the entire story, and when asked what he was feeling, Cory denied having any sense of relief or disappointment regarding Topanga’s affections, only confusion. His dad advised him to get used to the feeling, it would probably last for the next sixty years. Meanwhile, Topanga garbed in her best dress, had arrived with the tape, and was quite happily becoming acquainted with Eric. Uncharacteristically, the smitten girl was willing to do anything Eric asked, even squatting in the doorway when told merely to sit. Eric tried to deflect their conversation towards Cory which led Topanga to admit the other Matthews brother “was very nice, in a young kind of way.” Their talk became awkward, when Topanga misinterpreted Eric comforting pat on her hand and leaned in forward for a kiss, before being blocked. Now realizing he had gotten more than he had bargained for, Eric sought to remind Topanga of her intelligence–which she informed him she was willing to deny if Eric wanted her to–because she would need it very soon to handle the male suitors of her future whose intentions were not so pure. Unbeknownst to Eric, he would echo the earlier sentiments Topanga had made to Cory and Shawn the day before, by declaring that relationships based purely on looks were “stupid and superficial.” His point was underscored when Nebula Lawrence arrived at the door (having been called by Cory to take her sister home) and Eric acted in the exact same manner with Nebula, as Topanga had been acting with Eric. Disillusioned, with her own words echoing in her mind, Topanga asked to be taken home. Cory unwittingly poured more salt in Topanga’s emotional wounds by bounding down the staircase demanding to know if Topanga had gone yet, only to be greeted by “more hair.” The Lawrence sisters left, temporarily forgetting the movie, but with Topanga perhaps a trifle wiser in the ways of the world. While he may have not had thrown any dirt at her this time, Cory had once again been successful in driving Topanga away. (She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not). Although Topanga had clearly connived to manipulate Cory, the humiliation she had endured in the Matthews living room did cause her to harbor a measure or resentment towards Cory, who had only been guilty of being himself. The two had definitely suffered a setback in reestablishing their friendship, but once again, circumstances and Mr. Feeny seemed to contrive to bring them back together. The next school project was to split up into typical family units, an exercise, Cory correctly pointed out, the class had already done the previous year. Nonetheless, Mr. Feeny assigned Shawn and Minkus to become each other’s version of the perfect sibling, while Cory, in addition to being their father, was to be the model husband of Topanga, and she, his ideal wife. While Shawn and Minkus basically remade the other in their own images, Cory and Topanga’s vision of their perfect spouses were a bit more complicated. Topanga’s husband was to “live life in harmony with the physical and metaphysical worlds, aligned with the Navajo spiritual path.” Cory’s requirements in a wife were more prosaic, she merely had to not care how dirty his room got, always allow him to win at video games, and finally, be available to play street hockey any time of the day or night. Sarcastically, Topanga asked why didn’t Cory just simply marry Shawn. After an uncomfortable moment, Cory replied because then their "kids would look like horses." The crisis the faux family was to resolve was the elder brother’s desire for a possible tattoo. For their class presentation, Cory lent Topanga a Phillies jersey, while she gave him a thin ornately-patterned Navajo headband with a red feather (symbolic of life, vitality, and courage) to wear upon his head. As the rest sat in chairs about the table, Cory opted to sit cross-legged atop the surface. After each member of the family outlined their position on the issue, Topanga unilaterally declared “without benefit of discussion with my spouse--,” she directly pointed an accusatory finger at Cory-- “because that’s the kind of husband I know that you’ll be,” that there would be no tattoo. Minkus chose that moment to open his shirt to reveal a press on dragon tattoo across his chest. While both Shawn and Topanga were impressed, Cory objected that Minkus had wrecked their project by going against the decision the group had agreed upon. Mr. Feeny applauded Minkus’ actions, pointing out that a perfect model family did not exist, that there weren’t any set rules regarding familial relationships because they were constantly evolving. (Model Family). The next assignment split the class into pairs who were to establish fictional corporations utilizing real world data. The team of Minkus and Topanga chose to invest their one thousand dollar capital into stocks known for their ethical business practices, and were leading the class in the final week. The team of Cory and Shawn had not even bothered to start, and had to report zero growth, but they had also suffered no losses. When Minkus suggested to Cory and Shawn that they bet real money on the outcome of the contest, Topanga asked to be consulted. When told it would be basically matching her own and Minkus’ brain power against Cory and Shawn's, she quickly wagered three hundred thousand, which Cory swiftly cut to a more manageable ten. Although they won the bet, Cory and Shawn did not collect, having learned the perils of gambling. (Risky Business). For his twelfth birthday, Topanga unwittingly gave Cory an unexpected present, as the sight of his not-quite-friend in her swim wear, during SCUBA class, actually left the normally talkative birthday boy temporarily speechless. (Kid Gloves). To Topanga, it appeared that Cory was now showing remarkable emotional growth. Cory’s steadfast support of Shawn after blowing up a mailbox with a cherry bomb (which had made his best friend a fugitive), and his unexpected willingness to swallow his pride and become a lowly spear carrier after he had given up the lead role of Hamlet in their Spring class play was ample evidence of Cory’s newfound maturity. One day in May when the class was watching a film about the hormonal telegram signaling the arrival of puberty, Shawn locked gazes with Hilary, a girl who had caught his eye on her first day at Jefferson a few weeks before. At lunch she asked Shawn (who could only chuckle like a fool) out and they agreed to see a movie. Cory grew jealous of the attention Shawn was giving his new girlfriend and decided to get back at him by going out on a date of his very own. After consulting with Minkus and his collection of Perky magazines to peek into the feminine mindset, Cory chanced upon Topanga as the choice of his “revenge” date. The two decided that they would meet up and after school at IHOS (International House of Salads). Amy, Cory's mother, overheard Cory telling Shawn on the phone that he couldn't hang out because he was going out with Topanga. Amy told Alan, who felt bad for his son thinking Cory could make a fool of himself by giggling like an idiot. When Cory came into the house, she questioned him about his date with Topanga and Cory confessed that he only made it because Shawn had already asked a girl out. His mother told Cory that it would be unfair to Topanga if he only was going with her just to keep up with Shawn, so Cory called Topanga telling her that he couldn't keep their date because he had suddenly come down with the flu.

Later that day, Topanga arrived at Cory's house with a thermos of Bancha tea, saying it would help him get better. Cory then had to admit the truth to Topanga, that he just wasn't ready to go out on a real date yet. Topanga said it was okay as she had be taught to “listen to your inner voice. It’ll let you know what is true for you.” She reluctantly turned away to leave, but at the door, Topanga hesitated for a moment, allowing her own inner voice to speak to her. She turned back and picked up a pair of Cory's socks that was lying on the floor, and asked him why they were scattered across the room.. Cory answered that it was because he had been practicing sock basketball while providing his own color commentary. He demonstrated the basics and invited Topanga to join after teaching her some "pointers." Despite Cory vivid depiction of the action, Topanga merely walked over to the basket and gently placed it within. In her second effort, she made a far more impressive shot over his defensive play. As a result, Cory gave Topanga a jubilant high five. When their hands touched, they quickly pulled away and he started giggling exactly like Shawn had when Hilary approached him in the cafeteria. Cory realized that and clasped his hand over his mouth. Topanga laughed and she and Cory sat on the couch and started talking about Mother's Day. Although the Lawrences did not celebrate it, Topanga advised Cory to use the creative right side of his brain, and that he couldn’t go wrong with something from the heart. He then asked if he should use his right or left heart and a laughing Topanga settled comfortably against his arm and Cory started giggling all over again. At long last, the friendship between Cory Matthews and Topanga Lawrence had been fully rekindled. At school on Monday, Cory insisted to Topanga that the time they had spent together on Friday was not a date. Topanga agreed that if he didn't want it to be labeled as a date, then it wasn't. Cory also informed Topanga that her suggestion of writing a poem for his mother was so well received, that she had cried. Cory commented that Topanga knew a lot about women. Which was natural, as Topanga noted that she was “going to grow up to be one.” Before she left, Topanga smoothed down the collar of his jacket that was sticking up. Cory raised it up again, but then smiled and smoothed it back down. Later, Cory and Shawn sat on the floor by the lockers, happy their friendship had survived their first dates with girls. They hated to admit it, but Stuart Minkus had been correct about the mystifying effect females would have on their lives from then on.. Yet, they agreed to stick together through everything from second dates to marriages, and beyond. But when Topanga and Hilary walked by in opposite directions, both saying "Hi", the boys arose, splitting apart to catch up and walk with their respective girls. (Boy Meets Girl).

Season 2Edit

While the following Summer, had been full of fun for Cory, for his two best friends, Shawn and Topanga, it had been full of significant changes. With the loss of Chet Hunter’s job, and the legal and financial ramifications of “cherry bomb day,” Shawn and his family were forced to move out of their house in the neighborhood, and returned to the trailer park with the rest of the Hunter clan to welcome them. Jedidiah Lawrence’s side hobby as a luthier had quite unexpectedly become very lucrative, and as his reputation grew in the music industry, he decided to leave the Unicorn Rainbow Bookstore to concentrate his full time solely on custom crafting stringed instruments for the biggest names in the musical world. This would have the effect of cutting Topanga off from her primary source of reading material that she had been delving into for years, but she really didn’t care overmuch. She was now spending her free time renewing her bonds with Cory, Shawn, and other friends. Another unforeseen circumstance of her father’s success, was that he no longer had the time to design and tailor his daughter’s clothing anymore, and Topanga soon developed a passion for shopping--culminating in her completely revamping her entire wardrobe in a matter of months.

On their first day attending John Adams High, a nervous Cory and Shawn were relieved to see the familiar face of Topanga, and the three of them shared a group hug before venturing off to meet their homeroom teacher, Jonathan Turner. Cory's attempt to get on the good side of the school bully, Harley Keiner, led to a meeting with the school’s new principal--Mr. Feeny. Cory soon felt the peer pressure of pairing off with someone--anyone at all. But Topanga turned him down, reasoning that she didn’t want to risk their rekindled friendship, and that there was "someone" out there for Cory, but she claimed it would not be her. Topanga later walked away with a fellow student named Peter. Following Eric's advice on how to get a girl to say “Hi,” would lead Cory to become better acquainted with a new student, Wendy Jansen. (Back 2 School, Pairing Off). By Halloween, through a series of bizarre circumstances, Cory would become convinced that the physical changes he felt his body undergoing could only mean one thing: he had been cursed, and was therefore, gradually becoming a werewolf. Contacting Madame Ouspenskaya, a “licensed” fortune teller in the back-room of the local yogurt (and some occult) shop, Cory had his worst fears confirmed–not only was he transforming into a werewolf, but he was destined to kill the one girl who cared for him, promptly at nine, that Halloween night, during the full moon. The relief Cory felt, as he knew no girl really cared about him, soon dissipated when Topanga off-handedly remarked that she did care. This revelation threw Cory into an agitated state of panic and he rushed home to avoid his murderous fate by writing his mournful memoirs alone in his room. When Shawn came (dressed as Cory) to pick him up for the Halloween party, Cory unburdened his soul, telling him the entire tragic tale, and begging him to keep Topanga away. When Topanga arrived (dressed as an non-distressed damsel) Shawn went downstairs with a pillowcase full of items Werewolf Cory would no longer need. Resisting Cory’s pleas to leave while she still could, a concerned Topanga simply wanted to know what was wrong, just as the clock hit the appointed hour of nine. Cory grabbed Topanga, and fearfully asked her what she saw. Topanga replied she saw Cory, the same boy she had known since they were three. Ecstatic, Cory proclaimed with profound relief that he was not a wolf, But then, noticing how enticing she looked in her costume, Cory suddenly drew Topanga in closer and kissed her. Topanga then assured Cory he was, indeed, a wolf. (Who’s Afraid of Cory Wolf?).When Mr. Turner introduced their class to Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, Cory and Topanga had no inkling they would soon undergo the greatest test of their relationship to date. When the entire sleepy classroom (including Topanga) complained that the plight of Hero, the heroine of the play, held no relevance for their modern generation, Turner challenged them to prove their point by assigning a video project to reflect the current perspective of love, sex, and slander, and to shake things up, he decreed that each team of two had to consist of one boy and one girl. Topanga turned around and discovered her future partner, Cory, smiling encouragingly back at her. With Cory running the camera, Topanga interviewed several of their friends and family members on their views of the topic. Assembling the footage in the Adams media center proved to an arduous task, and Cory and Topanga misled their parents over their whereabouts to stay out later to finish their presentation. After hours of work, Topanga set down on the carpet to nap, but Cory plodded on... The next morning, Janitor Bud brought Principal Feeny to the media room to witness a startling sight, Cory Sleepover and Topanga lying next to each other, sleeping peacefully, on the floor. Feeny immediately escorted the pair into his office, and called their parents. While Cory and Topanga assured him that nothing untoward had happened, Feeny just told them to go home. As the pair emerged into the hallway, all the male students began applauding. A mystified Cory had no idea why, until Shawn informed him that he was “the Man” because he had spent the night alone with Topanga. Cory protested that was not exactly what had happened, but when Harley Keiner asked whether or not it was true, Cory admitted that he was “The Man.” All but ignored, Topanga witnessed Cory’s betrayal, and quickly left, clearly distraught. Her mood Good Name had not improved by the time she confronted Cory in the Matthews kitchen later that night. The encounter was the most brutally emotional moment that had yet occurred between them. Angrily, Topanga offered herself to Cory, as the entire student body believed he had already taken her. A shaken Cory tried to calm her down, by telling Topanga the whole incident would be forgotten in a week. But Topanga insisted that she wanted her good name back. When Cory tried to deflect her with an ill-timed joke, Topanga informed him that she didn’t even know what he was anymore, but she did know she didn’t like him, and walked out the kitchen door. The next day, a depressed, yet defiant, Topanga went to school, but studiously refused to even glance in Cory’s direction. Mr. Turner had selected the tape Cory had turned in to start the project presentations. A curious crowd had filled the room, including Harley and Principal Feeny. The interviews had been cut in an amusing fashion, but was interrupted by new footage showing Cory confessing Video Projectthat he and an unnamed someone had not shared a certain experience everyone assumed they had, and that was not fair to that anonymous figure. After Cory apologized to that same nameless individual, Shawn, who had shot the freshly added ending, began teasing Cory that he needed to admit that he was setting things straight because he loved the unidentified female. Cory denied that assertion, claiming that she was only a friend. After the video ended, the person in question turned around in her seat and offered Cory her hand to shake, proving Cory was right. (Wake Up, Little Cory). The first dance of the seventh grade was scheduled for the week of Thanksgiving and Cory was worried about whom he would take. Cory was fairly certain Topanga would go with him if invited, however, in deference to their recent difficulty, Cory attempted to find another date first. While at Chubbie’s with Shawn, he began his search, but every girl Cory asked, all refused, claiming grandmother-related excuses. When some older guys left their guitars with them for a few minutes, several of those same girls jumped to the conclusion that Cory and Shawn were in their own musical group. After the two friends saw how doing nothing to disabuse the girls of that notion, got them all the female attention they craved, Cory and Shawn decided to make their new admirers’ misconception a reality, by forming a band–despite their complete lack of musical talent. Bringing along guitar cases to school the next day, Cory and Shawn established their fictional musical credentials, complete with would-be groupies. Topanga approached them, telling Cory that Jeremy Sullivan, a mutual friend from their time at Jefferson, had asked her to the dance, but she was willing to go with Cory if he still wanted. Basking in all the feminine worship, Cory told Topanga that it would be fine with him if she went with Jeremy. The next, day, Principal Feeny made the announcement that the entertainment hired for the dance, "The Demon Seeds," had canceled, and that the music would now be provided by cassettes from his own personal collection. The students protested, and Cory and Shawn’s fans soon suggested their newly-christened band, “The Exits,” for the spot. Surprisingly, Feeny approved,. and Cory and Shawn were officially slated to make their musical debut at the dance. Friday night, when the experienced musicians the pair had auditioned to fill out their band's roster, learned that the gig didn’t pay anything, they left. While Cory and Shawn panicked backstage, Mr. Turner had the curtains opened to start "The Exits" show. Facing an angry crowd of their fellow classmates, Cory desperately performed Cute on Stage a half-hearted rendition of the song, “The Name Game,” to a disastrous reception–the entire crowd of students turned around and made for the real exits, the last being a reluctant Topanga. In the aftermath, Turner told them he would understand if they didn’t show up for class on Monday. After Shawn left, Cory found that Topanga had lingered behind. She revealed that Jeremy had gone with some others to the Oyster House, but Topanga had declined, as she had found Cory’s attempt at a musical career “cute.” Cory pointed out since there had been no actual dancing at the dance, it might be good time for he and Topanga to share a private one. She agreed, but when they hit the tape player button, they heard the recording of a reggae artist singing “The Name Game” for an apparently vacationing Mr. Feeny. (Band On the Run). On the day of his first “Make-Out Party,” Cory was actually excited about the primary reason for the gathering, participating in the game of “seven minutes in heaven,” until Eric shook his confidence by planting various doubts in his mind. Despite Shawn’s claim that “darkness was his friend,” Cory was ready to bolt from the party virtually from the moment of his arrival. When he heard himself being called, Cory half-wished it would be repeated so he could go in the closet alone. However, a very familiar name was paired with his, TopangaSeven Minutes. They spent nearly half their time in the darkness doing absolutely nothing but breathing. Finally, Topanga broke the silence, and asked Cory if he was all right. Cory said it was too dark to do anything, and she turned on the light. They began to talk, and he admitted to all his doubts and fears regarding the current predicament. Topanga looked downcast that Cory didn’t want to kiss her, but he assured her the problem was himself not her. Topanga suggested that they muss up their hair and clothing to fool those on the other side of the door, because she considered him a nice guy. Cory agreed, but remembered that the other times he had kissed Topanga had been spontaneous, intimate moments. It was the public scrutiny of his peers that he was afraid of, not Topanga. With that realization, when Topanga proposed that they just kiss, Cory purposefully leaned towards her, just as the closet door opened. The next day, any hopes Cory held that the situation was still salvageable were dashed when Topanga declared Cory was a nice boy for not kissing her in front of a crowd of girls. Harley Keiner dubbed Cory “the boy with no lips,” and soon none of the kids at school would even talk to him except Shawn and Topanga. It was nearly the exact circumstances which Cory and Topanga had faced just a few weeks earlier, only with Cory now being the target of unkind innuendo. When Amy and Alan learned of Eric’s mind games which he had played on his brother, they swiftly decreed that until Cory began dating neither would Eric. Suitably motivated, Eric arranged to take Cory and Topanga to the most unromantic place he claimed he could find--a coffee house featuring live poetry readings. As he and Topanga settled comfortably on a couch with their drinks, Cory commented that he really liked the homey friendly atmosphere the place exuded. Topanga opined that Cory liked it because it wasn’t a closet. She then confessed that she had been just as nervous as he was, as girls shared the same doubts and fears boys had. Then, a poet named Donovan came up to the stage and cut the house lights to recite his original Photo Session Composition entitled, “The Photo Session.” In the semi darkness, the couple suddenly locked gazes. As the sensuous, compelling words flowed on, ("Nibble. Nibble. Nibble.") Cory and Topanga were only acutely aware that each other were, almost magnetically, slowly drawing closer, and closer, until inevitably, their lips met in a lingering kiss. Monday during lunch, a smiling Topanga greeted Cory with a crowd of giggling girls following her, causing Cory to wonder aloud with a smirk, when they were going to leave him alone. (Fear Strikes Out). At some point in the year, Cory got mono in school when a boy sneezed on him. Due to this, Cory stayed home sick for several days. When Topanga came over to bring Cory his homework, he used mono's status as the "Kissing disease" to his advantage after Topanga asked "Who have you kissed?" when he revealed he had mono, by pretending to be lightheaded and sleepy, in an effort to make Topanga jealous. Later, Topanga returned, revealing that he instead got mono from a guy who sneezed on him, however Cory claimed it happened as he was making out with a girl. Topanga called Cory a "pig", and Cory claimed she only said that because she liked him. Topanga countered by asking if he liked her, and Cory said "Only if you tell me if you like me." They then agreed to tell each other if they did like each other, and Topanga admitted she liked him, however, Cory then pretended to fall asleep before he could tell Topanga that he liked her, saying "Well I think I handled that pretty well." after she left. (By Hook or By Crook).

Season 3Edit

During the summer Cory's perspective of Topanga changed. Cory had always loved Topanga ever since they were babies. When he was around six he started developing a crush on her, but the childish crush was much different than how he felt now. Over the summer Cory and Shawn went over different ideas on how Cory could ask Topanga out. He had decided he would ask her out the day after she got back from camp at school, Cory and Shawn had dubbed this day as T- day. When T-day had arrived, Cory went to Mr. Turner's apartment were Shawn was staying as Shawn's dad had gone looking for Shawn's mom and Shawn needed a place to stay. When Cory entered the apartment Shawn was still in his pj's and Cory had the opposite attire on. He had on best clothes and even had put on some cologne, Shawn who had forgotten it was T-day for a moment soon remembered as he smelled Cory's cologne.====

When Cory and Shawn arrived at the school Cory immediately froze when he saw Topanga. He told Shawn about how beautiful she was and how it seemed everything had changed over the summer. Shawn then told Cory to walk over and ask her out. Cory had said yes to this but was stuck on the floor were he was and could not move. Shawn told Cory he had to hurry and ask her or else some other guy would. Cory finally got the courage to move his feet and walked over to Topanga and could only muster out a "Hey." Topanga smiled and replied with "Hey." And then the bell then rang and had to get to class. Mr. Turner had Topanga pass out papers and when she gave one to Cory she ended up saluting her he then asked Shawn if she had seen him do this and Shawn replied with "We all did." At the end of the class Cory asked Topanga what she was doing Friday night and she replied with a "nothing" and a smile, Cory then gave her a thumbs up. At lunch Topanga asked Cory what was wrong, why he had been acting so strange, and that they used to could always talk. Cory finally asked Topanga after she had said this but was crushed to find out that she couldn't go out with him because she had already been asked out by another guy. A crushed Cory confided in Shawn and told him he was right in that if he didn't ask her out soon some other guy would, Cory was in even more crushed however to find out it was Shawn who had asked her out and that Cory was right "Topanga looked hot."

After school that day the two boys made their way to the apartment. Cory who was very angry with Shawn asked Mr. Turner and Mr. Turner's friend Eli who was visiting if they agreed with him in the fact that it was not OK to ask out your best friends girl. Eli agreed with Cory and said asking out your best friends girl broke the Gentlemen's code of dating, he also said that asking out your best friends ex girlfriend broke the code as well, he said this while looking at Mr. Turner who was quick to defined himself. The phone than rang and Shawn said it was Topanga who was going to firm up their plans for the movie the school was putting on Friday night.

Desperately lonely Cory seeks advice from Eric who squeezes in enough sympathy to tell Cory to get answers from Topanga's best friend, so Cory met up with Trini Martin, Topanga's best friend who just so happens to be extremely annoying. While talking to Trini at Chubbies, Topanga and Shawn walk in the two appearing to be close. Cory filled with jealousy asks Trini to go watch the movie with him, Trini says yes and appears to be excited about going out with him.

At the movie, Shawn and Topanga sit next to Cory and Trini and Shawn downs some mints and puts his arm around Topanga. When Cory saw this he leaned in to kiss Trini but ended up popping the gum she was chewing and got gum all over his face Cory immediately wiped the gum off his face and turned his attention back to Shawn and Topanga. When the evening ends Topanga demands that Cory tell her what has been going on, Cory then tells her shes the perfect woman and Cory asks her to be his girlfriend. Topanga then kisses Cory and after it was over Cory asks Topanga if that was a yes or a no. Topanga then kisses Cory again answering Cory's question. After the kiss Shawn and Trini re appear clapping and tell the two of them that the whole thing was set up in a successful attempt to bring the two of them together.

Cory and Topanga's new found relationship was tested when he had to pick sides when Topanga and Shawn were fighting. Shawn had found a pig while visiting the trailor park, he named him Little Cory and the two became friends in ways. When Topanga found out she told Shawn he would have to find a real home for Little Cory as he was a farm animal and Topanga didn't think it was good for the pig to stay in an apartment in the city. The argument heats up and when asked what side he was on Cory picked Topanga's because she was his girlfriend. One day Cory visited Shawn at the apartment and asked him if he was mad at him for picking Topanga's side Shawn said no and that if it were him he probably would've picked his girlfriends side two. Cory then tells Shawn Topanga's coming over and Shawn immediately gets angry he tells Cory that just because he's Cory's friend doesn't mean he has to be friends with his girlfriend, Cory tells Shawn to give Topanga a break and Shawn listens but says if Topanga said anything negative he will tell her to leave. Topanga arrives and after a couple minutes of talking Shawn realizes he doesn't know were Little Cory is and then notices the door was still open from when Topanga arrived. Mr. Turner than shows up with the pig and tells Shawn he found him heading towards the rib shack. Topanga then says she did the right thing calling the animal control. Shawn freaks out and he and Cory left the apartment to hide Little Cory after Cory tells Topanga that he loved her but that she did the wrong thing. After they leave Topanga consults Mr. Turner who tells her he let Shawn keep the pig because it meant a lot to him and after all he he's been through and all the pigs been through he felt Shawn had a connection to Little Cory. Topanga then tells Mr. Turner she feels she made a terrible mistake.

Meanwhile Cory and Shawn hide Little Cory at Cory's house. Shawn then asks Cory if he thinks the animal control will come to the house. Cory tells Shawn that that's very unlikely before a man knocks on the door. When they opened it their stood a man from animal control. He asks them if they're Shawn Hunter and Cory Matthews they then question the man on how he knew this and he explained it was part of the job. He then asks were the pig is and the boys tell him that they don't have a pig. When Shawn says Cory's name Little Cory runs down the stairs. When the man almost takes the pig away Topanga arrives saying that she found the owner of the pig. Mr. Turner then appears and said that the pig belongs to his son Zedd. The man gives Mr. Turner the pig and then leaves. Topanga tells the boys she felt bad and that she has know Shawn almost as long as she's known Cory and that he was her friend two. Shawn and Topanga then hug.

Cory and Topanga's relationship was going strong until one day at Chubbies when Cory told Topanga he loved her after the two discussed how much they liked that they were together. After Cory said this Topanga abruptly asked to leave and Cory agreed. At school the next day Cory told Shawn what had happened and expressed his concern at how Topanga had been ignoring Cory after he told her he loved her. Shawn then got mad because of what Cory had told Topanga and said that now all the girls at the school will hear about this and want to be told by their boyfriends that they loved them. When Eric and his girlfriend walked by Cory and Shawn, Shawn told Eric that Cory told Topanga he loved her. Eric's girlfriend over heard this and told Cory how sweet he was and that she hoped a guy would tell her that. Eric then freaked out at Cory and told the girl he 'loved' her. Later on Cory had gotten flowers for Topanga in an attempt to fix whatever it was that had made Topanga ignore him, however when Shawn sees the flowers he yanks the flowers out of his best friends hands and hands them to a guy that was standing near by, Cory who was shocked at what Shawn had done asked him why he did it and Shawn told him that girls would soon want flowers if they saw Cory give them to Topanga. Later on that day Topanga finally talked to Cory but when she did what she said shocked Cory, as Topanga broke up with him.

At Chubbies later that day a depressed Cory was siting down all by himself when Eli, Mr. Turner's friend told Cory to go talk to Topanga. Cory then did as Eli had said and went to Topanga's house. Cory came into her house through her window and was met with Topanga who told Cory he had to leave. Cory ignored her and told her that he loved her yet again. Topanga then told Cory that they were to young for those feelings and that she didn't even now what I loved you meant. Cory than told her that he knew he loved her when they were catching fireflies all those years ago when they were little. He then told her that he loves to make her laugh and that he always wanted to protect her and that that's what he thinks I love you means, he then grabs the jacket he leant Topanga and is about to leave before Topanga tells him that she loves him to and Cory replies with "I was always hoping you did." and then leaves through the window.

Cory and Topanga's break up was short and the two got back together and were going strong until Shawn and Eric pointed out to Cory he was doing to many things that Topanga wanted to do and that the two were in a rut. Shawn then told Cory that he needed a night out and told Cory about a big party, Cory already had plans with Topanga that night and when he asked her if it was OK to cancel their plans, Topanga asks Cory if she could cancel because she wanted to hang out with some of her girlfriends. Cory happily says yes and he and he accepts Shawn's invitation. When they arrive at the party the girls all confuse Cory as Shawn and when Cory was about to tell them that he wasn't Shawn, the real Shawn tells Cory that its OK and told him that he needed to be him for the night. Cory ended up loving being Shawn as girls flocked to him asking him to dance. When Shawn tells Cory about a French girl that was supposedly there and that he should talk to her Cory agrees and when he taps the French girl on the shoulder he is shocked to find that the French girl all the boys were talking to was Topanga. He then confronts Topanga and asks her why she would lie about herself and who she is, when a girl comes up to Cory calling him by his fake name for the night, Shawn. Topanga then crosses her arms and confronts Cory on how he could lie about himself. The couple then go outside to talk and they end up breaking up, however they both agreed that they should still be friends, but after they leave Topanga turns back around having seconds thoughts but then leaves when she realizes Cory isn't there. Cory ends up doing the exact same thing after Topanga leaves and when he sees she's not there he leaves as well.

Cory and Topanga remained broken up until "The Happiest Show on Earth", when, after a date with another girl, Kristen Hoffman, he decided to win Topanga back. He journeyed to Disney World, where Topanga had won a trip from school. Unfortunately, Kristen thought Cory had come to see her, not Topanga, setting back his attempts to win back Topanga. Despite multiple attempts, Topanga kept ignoring Cory's attempts at winning her back, until Cory goes to visit a lovesick dolphin, who won't eat. Cory tells the dolphin how much he loved Topanga, and then successfully feeds the dolphin some fish. While walking out to leave, He walks past Topanga, who overheard everything, realizes that what he did came from his heart, forgives Cory, and apologizes for not realizing it sooner. After making up, they get back together, and head back home, where his parents ground him for a month, but his mother says she is glad everything worked out with Topanga.

Season 4Edit

Cory and Topanga date steadily throughout this whole season. In Dangerous Secret, Cory decides that he wants to their relationship to another level. But decides that he is happy where their relationship is now. They share their first dance on Topanga’s 16th Birthday in 16 Candles and 400lbs. Men.

In A Long Walk to Pittsburgh Topanga is forced to move to Pittsburgh with her parents. Cory says that they can make this work. He realizes how hard this is and goes over to her house and asks her to marry him, buy a house and have a family and stay in this city. Topanga says that they can’t. He comes back to his senses and promises to send letters and see each other every weekend. She comes over to say goodbye. He can’t accept it so she says goodbye and that she loves him and drives away. In Part 2 of the same episode Topanga runs away from home to see Cory. He promises her that she will never have to leave him again. Cory’s mom calls Topanga’s parents and they send her aunt to come get her. Amy convinces her aunt that she has to say because it will be wrong to split up to people who really love each other. After Cory’s parents and Topanga’s aunt talk alone they decide that she can live with her aunt until she graduates high school.

Season 5Edit

In episode A Very Topanga Christmas, Topanga spends the holidays with the Matthew’s and Cory realizes just how different they are. The episode ends with Cory and Topanga giving each other promise rings saying that they want to find out more about each other. They’re relationship is strong until episode Heartbreak Cory when Cory kisses another girl while on vacation at a ski lodge with Topanga and lies. When Topanga finds out she is very upset. Cory then becomes torn between the girl he kissed and Topanga. Topanga gives him space to find out what he wants so Cory goes on a date with the other girl. Which he realizes he likes her but that he can live without her and he can’t live without Topanga. He tells Topanga how he feels and she is hurt that he had to go through this and breaks up with him (Torn Between Two Lovers). They stay apart until Starry Night when Topanga goes out with another guy and kisses him feeling nothing because she can’t be with anyone but Cory. Her and Cory talk on top of the monkey bars and rekindle their relationship. In Things Change, Cory and Topanga go to Prom together and decide that they are ready to have sex. After constant interruptions they decide to hold off.

The season ends with Cory and Topanga’s graduation day and Cory is trying to convince Topanga to go to Yale because it is a great school. Topanga talks to Mr.Feeny and he tells her go to Yale unless there is a good reason not too. During the graduation ceremony Topanga realizes what she wants and asks Cory to marry her. (Graduation)

Season 6Edit

The first 2 episode( His Answer and Her Answer) Cory is shocked that Topanga asks him to marry her and is hesitant at first but says yes. Topanga wants to get married right away but Cory doesn’t want to. He won’t even let her tell anyone about their engagement. When Cory’s parents found out they were very upset. While everyone is arguing about this Cory and Topanga sneak out and start driving to a chapel. When they get to the chapel they both begin to have cold feet. During the ceremony Cory says I do but Topanga doesn’t. On the drive back they argue about Topanga stopping their wedding. But Cory realizes that she did the right thing and that she owes him the rest of her life. When they get home they are greeted with cheers and toasts about their marriage. Cory’s mom on the other hand blames Topanga for this. Later in the episode Cory and Topanga have a talk with their parents. And Cory’s mom then accepts the fact that they are engaged and gives Topanga her grandmother’s engagement ring, Cory takes it and re-proposes to Topanga. Thy tell his parents they are going to wait until they are ready to get married.

In Everybody Loves Stuart , a teacher(played by Ben Savage's brother) decides to kiss Topanga without her permission. When Cory finds out, he punches the teacher. They are all forced to go to a hearing to determine the solution to this problem. Mr. Feeny comes to help. After a explaining what happened the Dean decides that Cory will be suspended for 1 day for punching a teacher and will be on probation for the rest of the term. Cory decides to get an engagement ring in You’re Married, You’re Dead. He has trouble with the guys because of this and decides to take it off. He forgets it and has to go back the next day. Topanga is hurt when she finds out and tells him he has to wear it or don’t wear it at all. She tells him that the ring means that he has someone who cares about him. So he puts it back on. In Getting Hitched Cory and Topanga play the fiancée game against Eric and Rachel and lose. They realize that they don’t know a lot about each other and decide to live together. After one night they are grossed out with each other. Before going to sleep Cory prays for everyone and Topanga listens to him she then joins him, and vows to change everything about him. Cory gets upset with Topanga when she put off Valentines Day to throw his mom a baby shower. During which Amy (Cory’s mom) goes into labor. While in the hospital Cory tells Topanga that they need to focus on their relationship again. (My Baby Valentine) In Resurrection Cory’s younger brother Josh is very sick and it is putting a toll on everyone. Cory looks to Topanga to take him out of the situation and focusing on them. Topanga tells Cory that she doesn’t know how to do that anymore. Cory fears that Topanga isn’t herself anymore. After seeing Josh Topanga thanks Cory for remembering who she was he says she is in his heart. In A Truth About Honesty they both decide to only tell the truth. Cory tells Topanga that he is grossed out by Topanga using his razor. They go to a dinner party at Rachel’s apartment and play an honesty game. Cory gets asked what he would change about Topanga he says her need to be perfect all the time. Topanga responds with, "Then I should have went to Yale". They both leave and talk on the elevator and discuss their problems. The make up and go back to the party. In State of the Unions, the Hall they want to get married in tells them they can get married July 4th but, Topanga finds out her parents are getting a divorce. Topanga is crushed by this so Cory tells the hall they have to pick a later date.

Season 7Edit

The season begins with Topanga being gone for the summer without Cory, when she sees him she tells him her parents filed for divorce. Topanga then tells Cory she doesn’t want to get married anymore. Cory says but they love each other and she responds with so did my parents. She says what if he hurts her, he says he won’t because he loves her and she says that is the reason why they can’t get married. She later tells him that she doesn’t want to be with him anymore. For the next few episodes Cory tries to win her back. But, in No Such Thing as a Sure Thing Cory tries to kiss Topanga’s cheek and she pushes him away. He finally tells her that he gives up and is going to move on. He becomes the mascot for the schools team and meets a girl. Topanga becomes hurt that he has moved on so fast. She talks to Angela and tells her that she’s never been so unhappy in her life. She decides to go see her mom and she finally decides that she wants Cory forever. Topanga tells Cory that she loves him and she wants to be his wife but he doesn’t listen to her and instead thinks they are officially broken up. Topanga then grabs Cory and throws him to the ground and talks to him about keeping their love alive. They kiss. Cory and Topanga seek counseling to help them cope through planning their wedding. When they talk about their honeymoon Cory only cares about having sex which makes Topanga upset. Cory says that he has been waiting for years to have sex and she owes him,and she better pay. She promises she will. (They’re Killing Us).

They get married in It’s About Time!

But they find out that Eric pretended to be another person and got Cory and Topanga arrested before they consummate their relationship. They go on their honeymoon and decide that they don’t want to come back. Eventually they realize that they need their family and friends and go back.

In The Honeymoon is Over Cory and Topanga have no place to live now that they are married. They have no choice but to move into couple dorms. Their apartment is a dump and needs a lot of repairs. This puts a toll on them and they become grouchy and miserable for the next 2 episodes. They look at houses but realize that they can’t afford it. Later Shawn tries talking them into fixing up the apartment but instead they are rude to him and him and Angela leave. Cory fixes the sink and they decide that they can fix it up (Pickett Fences) Cory takes over renovations in What A Drag. Topanga is worried about this. But when the episodes over the apartment looks great all thanks to Cory. In The Provider Cory and Topanga both get jobs. Cory’s job at a telemarketer is a lot harder than he thought, Topanga comes home from work and sees Cory frustrated so she tries to sell something and succeeds. Cory starts to become annoyed with her success and his failure. Topanga asks him to tell her what’s going on and they get into a fight. They both realize that sometimes one of them will do better than the other but they are best when they do it together. In My Baby Back Ribs, Topanga starts feeling bad about how she looks (she thinks she’s fat). Cory is convinced that she is pregnant and that is why she’s acting strange. In How Cory and Topanga Got Their Groove Back, Topanga is upset when their friends don’t invite them to a party. She begins to feel like her and Cory are an old boring couple. They decide to throw a party at their apartment to prove they aren’t boring. When nobody shows up they realize that they don’t care how the others look at them but that they are happy with the way they are. In the final 3 episodes of the series Topanga tells Cory that she was offered a job in New York so they have to move there. Topanga talks about giving it up to stay with their family and friends but ultimately they decide to move to New York.

Girl Meets WorldEdit

Season 1Edit

  • In the pilot episode Cory and Topanga share a moment when Riley gets mad at them and storms out of the room.
  • In Girl Meets Sneak Attack when Auggie tells Riley that she has to catch him in order to get a kiss on the cheek, Topanga plays with Cory and copy's Auggie line telling Cory if he wanted a kiss he had to catch her. Cory then follows Topanga and says "Oh mama."
  • It is mentioned that they were married for fifteen years.
  • In Girl Meets Father, Cory and Topanga share a moment when Cory was depress about not going on the roller-coaster.
  • In Girl Meets the Truth, Cory and Topanga had an argument over her chicken.
  • In Girl Meets Popular, They buy a bakery. Cory said hi to the old Topanga.
  • In Girl Meets Maya's Mother, they reveal each other talents, Topanga calls Cory "Cory Matthews", and Cory does the hip thing with Topanga, Topanga speaks to Cory's class.

Similarities and differencesEdit


  • They both went to Jefferson Elementary School, John Adams High School, and Pennbrook University.
  • They both consider Mr. Feeny as a mentor.
  • They mostly have the same friends.
  • They are both caring, loving, and loyal to their friends.
  • They both have two jobs: Cory's a Teacher. Topanga's a lawyer and they own a bakery.


  • Cory is left-handed, while Topanga is right-handed.
  • Cory has brown eyes, while Topanga has green.
  • Cory teaches is a history teacher and Topanga is a lawyer.
  • Cory has brown hair and Topanga has blond hair.
  • Cory has brown eyes while Topanga has blue/green eyes.
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