“Girl Meets Home for the Holidays”
Season 1, Episode 16
Air date

December 5, 2014

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Jeff Menell


John Whitesell


Girl Meets Brother


“Girl Meets Game Night”

"Girl Meets Home for the Holidays" is the sixteenth episode in season 1 of Girl Meets World. It aired on December 5, 2014 to 2.5 million viewers.


It's Christmas at the Matthews, and Cory's best friend Shawn Hunter, Riley's grandparents, and Uncle Joshua are coming over for a holiday dinner. Meanwhile, Topanga works on executing the perfect meal to put her mother-in-law at ease while Shawn sees his likeness in Maya and forms a bond with her and Riley.


Topanga works hard at preparing Christmas dinner as it is her and Cory's first time hosting a Christmas get-together with Cory's family (Josh, Amy, and Alan). To make sure Amy is happy, she uses her recipes. Meanwhile, Maya and Cory's brother Joshua develop an attraction for each other, much to the chagrin of Riley, who doesn't want Maya to be her aunt.

Shawn Hunter also arrives, which makes Cory very happy. But Shawn tries to avoid contact with Riley. Eventually, she and Maya discover that he left New York City the day Riley was born because he felt he no longer fit in with Cory as he didn't have children and wouldn't fit the role of the cool uncle. He is particularly upset when he finds that even Minkus has a kid. He and Cory work out some issues while sitting at the window in Riley's room, and Cory finds that he has in fact been preoccupied with his family since Riley was born, which he describes as the day his life really began. Due to Riley and Maya's intricate interceding to get Shawn and Cory to reconcile with each other, they realize that Riley and Maya essentially are modern versions of themselves.

Riley gets Maya and Shawn to discuss with each other their issues with the parents, leading to some bonding. Afterwards, Shawn indicates that he is going to do a project in the near future in Upstate New York for his travel website and asks everyone, including Maya, to come along. Shawn gives one of his cameras to Riley as a gift.


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