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John Quincy Adams Middle School is a middle school located in the Manhattan borough of New York City for grades seven to nine. Named after the sixth president of the United States, John Quincy Adams, it is shown from season 1 to the present.

Known school areasEdit

  • History room (Room 18)
  • Cafeteria (with kitchen)
  • Auditorium
  • Art room
  • Gymnasium (with pool)
  • Baseball field
  • Science room
  • Shop room
  • Library

Known studentsEdit

Known facultyEdit

  • Cory Matthews (history teacher)
  • Ms. Kossal (art teacher)
  • Coach Gleason (physical education instructor)
  • Harley Keiner (janitor)
  • Geralyn Thompson (head cafeteria worker)

Known homework assignmentsEdit


  • Write a three-page essay on what you believe in so strongly you would fight for it. ("Girl Meets World")
  • Quiz on Charles Darwin.


Known foodsEdit

Known school clubs and organizationsEdit

  • Chess Club
  • Chemistry Club
  • JQA Spelling Bee Team
  • Drama Club/Thespians (Theatre/Acting)
  • JQA Debate Team
  • JQA Baseball Team

Known school eventsEdit

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