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Riley and Maya
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Maya and Riley is the friendship pairing of Maya Hart and Riley Matthews. They have been best friends for a long time. Maya is able to just enter Riley's apartment either through the front door or Riley's window. The Bay Window is a special place to them. They solve their problems there. Also, they have history together.

Other namesEdit

  • Raya (R/iley and M/aya)
  • Rilaya (Ril/ey and M/aya)
  • Miley (M/aya and R/iley)
  • Mart (M/atthews and H/art)
  • Maley (Ma/ya and Ri/ley)


Season 1Edit

Girl Meets WorldEdit

  • Maya and Riley sneak out of the window to go to the subway until Cory caught them.
  • When they got to the subway station, Maya showed Riley the ropes.
  • Riley mimicked Maya's posture on her way to the subway.
  • Riley said she was reinventing herself.
  • Maya taught Riley how to deal with boys by talking to Lucas Friar.
  • Riley said she wanted to be exactly like Maya.
  • Riley was carrying Maya's book for her.
  • Riley claimed she is not so different to Maya.
  • Riley agreed with Maya to the Homework Rebellion.
  • They sit together during lunch.
  • They try to get Lucas to sit next to them before Farkle Minkus came.
  • They squealed when Lucas sat next to them.
  • Riley did her homework and Maya's.
  • Riley just wanted to stand by her girl.
  • They rode the subway home.
  • Riley pried the doors open in the subway to get Maya.
  • Riley talked to Cory and Topanga about how she's fighting for her best friend.

Girl Meets BoyEdit

  • Maya and Riley were standing at Riley's locker.
  • Maya told Riley to talk to Lucas instead of texting him.
  • Riley joked with Lucas about Maya being the mockingbird.
  • Maya just entered Riley's home without knocking or ringing.
  • They walked to the library with Farkle and Lucas.

Girl Meets Sneak AttackEdit

  • Maya trued to protect Riley from seeing that Lucas was talking to Missy.
  • Riley wished it was just her and Maya in the world.
  • Maya said it is just the two now.
  • Maya wanted to help Riley with her Lucas situation.
  • Maya decides to get detention so she could be with Riley.

Girl Meets FatherEdit

  • They talked about make-up and ninth grade.
  • Maya and Riley were asked to the dance by Farkle
  • They both agreed to dance with him.
  • They were talking to Lucas.
  • Riley ran after Maya once Maya found out about the 'F'.
  • Riley wanted Maya to go back to class with her.
  • Riley thought that Maya was overreacting, like her usual self, and she'd be back by gym class.
  • Riley talked to Topanga about how she looks forward to walking with Maya to school.
  • Riley helps Cory with Maya about the failed quiz.
  • They danced with Cory at the dance.

Girl Meets the TruthEdit

  • Maya laid next to Riley in the play.
  • Both got applauded for their performance in the play.
  • Maya got a gold locket and Riley wanted to know where she got it from.
  • Riley said that if Maya really went to France, she should've brought back a croissant for her.
  • Maya gives Riley a croissant from the street.
  • Riley wants the truth from Maya and Maya wants Riley to tell Farkle the truth.
  • Riley doesn't want Maya to go to jail.
  • Maya found Riley's jail story and her concern adorable.
  • Maya finally tells Riley the truth about the locket.
  • They see the family who owns the locket and gives it back.
  • They lay next to each other on the table thing.

Girl Meets PopularEdit

  • Maya did not approve of Riley's party-girl walk.
  • They both believed that Maya would be the one to walk over to the guys if they were at a party.
  • Riley got invited to a party and felt bad that Maya didn't.
  • Maya was fine with it and wanted Riley to be happy.
  • Maya was able to convince Mr. Matthews to let Riley go to the party.
  • Maya found it funny that Riley was invited to a geek party.
  • Maya threatened Farkle to tell her where Riley was.
  • Maya called Riley, "her girl."
  • Maya was shocked to see Riley as a Harajuku girl.
  • Maya tried one more time to bring Riley back at Riley's house.
  • Maya fought with Farkle for Riley.
  • Maya had a masterplan to bring back Riley, which worked.

Girl Meets Maya's MotherEdit

  • Maya and Riley sat next to each for art.
  • Riley wanted them to be famous artist who belong in Paris.
  • Maya drew Riley in Paris.
  • Riley acknowledge that Maya was a talented artist.
  • Riley felt bad that Maya's mom didn't come to career day.
  • Maya told Riley to not feel bad for her that her mom didn't come.
  • When Maya's mom came the next day, Riley told her to go to the art exhibit to see Maya's talent.
  • Maya drew Riley with hearts coming out of her chest for art.
  • Riley broke the news that she entered Maya in the art exhibit.
  • Maya threw paint at her, which started a paint fight between the two.
  • When Riley told Maya that she also invited her mom, she poured the paint like Maya commanded.
  • Riley was happy to see Maya's painting displayed.
  • Riley hunted Maya's mom down for not showing up to see Maya's work.
  • Riley shared half a tuna melt with Maya, although she offered to give the whole thing.

Girl Meets SmackleEdit

  • They both wanted the present from Cory.
  • They both went to Farkle's debate.
  • They were going to comfort Farkle after his defeat, until they got distracted by the melon balls.
  • Maya said she already has a weird friend and Riley knew she was talking about her.
  • Maya and Riley helped Smackle with her appearance.
  • They "understood the universe" after Smackle told them E=mc^2.
  • Maya and Riley entered the debate team's meeting together.
  • Both were confused and mad that Smackle played them.
  • Maya and Riley sat together in the booth at the bakery.

Girl Meets 1961Edit

  • They both believed history had nothing to deal with them.
  • Riley tried to persuade Maya to take the art book with her.
  • Riley continued 'The Girl With the Long Blonde Hair' poem and talked about Maya.
  • When Maya sang her Bucky McBoing Boing song,Riley danced along.
  • Maya went back to the bakery to retrieve the art book and inside was Riley's note saying, "Maya's art goes here. Change the world." It had a picture of two girls holding hands.
  • Riley was excited to find out that Maya's great-grandmother was her great-grandmother's friend.
  • Maya corrected Riley by telling her that May Clutterbucket walked out on Rosie McGee.
  • Riley assured Maya that she doesn't give up, she's not a Clutterbucket, she's all Hart.
  • They arrived to history class early with Farkle and Lucas.

Girl Meets Crazy HatEdit

  • They arrived the subway station together.
  • They see Crazy Hat and talk to her.
  • When they get to school, they worry about their futures.
  • When they get fired from Farkle, the muffin company, they go to the subway station to see none other than Crazy Hat.
  • Although Maya didn't want to go back to school, she followed Riley.
  • They started their own foundation, The Matthews and Hart Umbrella Foundation.
  • Evelyn Rand, also known as Crazy Hat, calls them her two dollies.
  • They leave the classroom together with their first umbrella.
  • Riley and Maya are sitting with Evelyn at the subway station just observing people.
  • They leave the station together.

Girl Meets World of TerrorEdit

  • Riley cheers Maya on during a game of softball.
  • Maya was impressed with Riley when she got Lucas to help with her glove.
  • Riley asked Maya if they're still doing candy trades at her house.
  • Maya said yes, but they should do at her house this year.
  • Maya tell Riley there's nothing to be scared of when sleeping at her house.
  • Maya felt bad every time Riley left her house during the night.
  • Riley never wanted Maya to feel bad.
  • Maya wanted Riley to stay the night at her house.
  • She asked Riley to follow her.
  • Riley was curled up in a ball in Maya's room.
  • Maya explained to Riley that everything was gonna be okay.
  • They were gonna sleep in the same bed.
  • Every time Riley was afraid, she would scream Maya's name.
  • Maya did anything to Riley to go to bed.
  • They screamed when the boys scared them.
  • They stayed up a little longer to see what happens next in Maya's neighborhood.

Girl Meets the ForgottenEdit

  • They were both bratty in this episode.
  • Maya tried to wake up Riley by tickling her feet.
  • Riley said that she'll never take Maya for granted during history when Cory was talking about taking people for granted, thinking it was meant towards Maya.
  • They were in the lunch line together.
  • They both found the food disgusting.
  • They didn't eat their food, along with Farkle and Lucas.
  • Maya and Riley were assigned cafeteria duty together as their elective.
  • They agreed they looked cute in their lunchroom attire.
  • They were tired after school from their work and didn't help Topanga with the groceries.
  • They were gonna go through the dishwasher to get clean.
  • They realized Geralyn Thompson's job was difficult.
  • They acknowledged Geralyn Thompson in the end.

Girl Meets FlawsEdit

  • Riley and Maya believed that girl's should have their own "Handshake of Awesomeness." With that, they did their usual "Stahp it."
  • When class ended, Riley went up to Cory and Maya followed her.
  • Riley believed that a trophy would make her feel better about herself, however, Maya said that she doesn't need that.
  • Riley and Maya calls Riley's window special to them.
  • Riley screamed that Maya that she gave her bad advice.
  • Riley hugged Maya when Cory was trying to get hold of Lucas.
  • Riley and Maya walked into gym class together.
  • Riley and Maya were side-hugging when Billy called them "these guys."
  • Riley and Maya looked at each other when Farkle said he could fly in desperate situations, and immediately got something to soften Farkle's fall.
  • Maya knew that Riley would want to do something about Billy.
  • Riley and Maya couldn't believe that Billy would bully Farkle.
  • They wiped their flaws away.
  • Maya asked Riley if she was okay that she didn't get a trophy.
  • Riley asked Maya how to act cool that she got a trophy. Maya responded, "Just be you."

Similarities and differencesEdit


  • They attend John Quincy Adams Middle School.
  • They are both friends with Farkle and, eventually, Lucas.
  • They are the same age.
  • They both have Cory as their seventh grade History teacher.
  • They are both females.
  • They are both the love interests of Farkle.


  • ​Riley has brown hair, while Maya has blonde.
  • Riley has brown eyes, while Maya has blue.
  • Riley has tan skin, while Maya has pale skin.
  • Riley has good grades while Maya's are relatively worse.
  • Riley is a good child, while Maya is a rebel.
  • Riley has a brother, while Maya does not, not including the half-siblings.
  • Riley has a stable family life, while Maya broken home.
  • Riley tends to stick with the status quo, while Maya prefers to rebel.
  • The Matthews are affluent, The Harts are less prosperous.
  • Riley generally acts neurotic, Maya always displayed an easy confidence.
  • Riley is more of an optimist, Maya is more of a pessimist.
  • Riley has a twisted need to fix things, while Maya leaves things be.
  • Maya is talented in art, while Riley is known to not be.
  • Riley has known feelings for Lucas, while Maya does (did) not.


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